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Why Game-Vu?
Game-Vu is designed as the ultimate tool for serious hunters who are more concerned with knowing what is
out there rather starting a photo album. Game-Vu is designed to provide instant, in-the-field information. This make the Game-Vu superior to film monitors. Unlike the traditional Film and Flash systems you can make adjustments to your hunting area right then and there. After all, if you are like most hunters you may not get another chance to move or adjust your hunting spot for another week. Like most 35-mm trail cameras the date and time is stamped on every Game-Vu image. While it is true that Game-Vu images are not as sharp and clear as photographs taken by a 35-mm camera-based system, they still offer enough resolution to identify individual animals and in the case of a buck determine the quality of his rack.

With Game-Vu, all of this information can be gathered in the field, no waiting or paying for film to be developed.

Traditional trail camera systems use a visible strobe flash that often spooks passing animals or alerts trespassers to the camera's presence. Game-Vu utilizes 16 non-visible infrared lights so it never spooks the animals you are trying to pattern and reduces the chance that a trespasser will spot your camera in the woods. Game-Vu's maximum nighttime range is approximately 15 feet. While this is shorter than some flash cameras, it is possible to get Game-Vu closer to your target area.

Finally Game-Vu is 100 percent solid state, so it makes no noise. By nature, 35-mm cameras feature a noisy, gear-driven film advance system along with the click of the shutter.

Never before have hunters had so many choices. Before choosing a trail camera it is important to understand the technology behind it and what it is designed to do. There will always be an application for 35-mm trail cameras, Game-Vu is offered as the stealthy alternative that delivers in-field information.

Traditional 35-MM Trail Cameras
Image Quality

Lets you count the points on a buck

Suitable for a photo album

Flash Type

Non-Visible Infrared

Visible strobe flash

Flash Range

15 feet

up to 50 feet depending on flash intensity and film speed

Picture Type

Black & white (the deer we have in this neck of the woods are mostly brown no problem with Black bear))


Battery Life

Approximately 45-days on a small rechargeable 12-volt battery or about one week on 6 AA batteries

30 days to 4 months depending on model and the number and type of batteries

Cost of Operation

No film cost, only the cost of batteries

$5 per roll of film plus $7 per roll developing expense plus the cost of batteries

Access to scouting Information

Instant, in-the-field, Make your decision at that moment if the spot is good to go or if you should pull your stand and relocate

Film must be removed from the camera & developed Then next time you get a weekend off and drive to your hunting spot you can do something with the information. That is if you still have enough time before hunting season to make use of the information.

Picture Options

Can be viewed in field, downloaded to a PC with proper software, viewed on a TV or recorder on video tape

Developed as a standard print. Great for game image collections.

Silent Operation


No, auto wind and flash spook the bageebers out of the game you are trying to hunt.

Aiming Method

See your actual field-of-view through the eye of the camera with the Game-Vu Monocular display

Some models use a laser, others have no way of testing the focal point

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