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Film your next hunt, Hands Free Video Systems                         


                      The Original  Gun Cam


      "TimBuckTwo GunCam"

If your a hunter looking to video your own hunt, this is the product for you. Be completely assured your camera is aimed at the game for that shot of a lifetime. Completely Hands Free! Easy to use.  Mounts to Rifles, Semi auto shotguns, Paintball guns.  Wireless is available.



bulletVideo tape your own hunt.
bulletMounts to your rifle barrel.
bulletPaintball guns.
bulletFully adjustable.
bulletRubber coated brackets.
bulletWill not interfere with your scope or sights.
bulletConcentrate on your shot.
bulletWireless is available on all of our systems.


Description SKU # Price
Wireless Kit WC100 249.00
Color/Audio/8X GCXL220


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